PHP Classes

PHP classes are the blue print of properties and methods. A variable used inside the class is known as a property and the function used in class is also known as a method.

class Car{
public $carColor;//property of the class
public $modal;//property

public function getCarInfo(){

   //method of the class


How To Define PHP Class

A class is declared with the class keyword followed by the name of the class and then a pair of braces {}. All the properties and methods are defined inside the curly braces.

class Car {
  // The code


Naming Convention Of Class

  1. Capitalize the first letter of the class name.
  2. If a class contains more than one word then capitalize each of the words. This process is known as the upper camel case. For example IndianFoodMarket, IceCream, CricektMatch, etc.
class CricektMatch{

Practical Approach To Understand PHP Class

Basically, the PHP class is a blueprint that is used to create different objects using the class blueprint. In the same way, if you have a blueprint of a house then you can create more than one similar house from that blueprint but each house may have different paints, interiors, and families inside.

How to add class property ?

Class property is basically a variable that holds different values such as string, integer, boolean, etc. Let us add property inside the class.

class Car {
  public $carModel;
  public $color = 'white';

Naming Convention Of Class Property Name

  • Start the property name with a lowercase letter.
  • If the property name contains more than one word, then capitalize every word's first letter except the first word. For example $carModel, $carModelPrize, etc.

How to add methods to a class?

Methods are basically the functions. A function that is used inside the class is known as a method. Let us add a method greetMessage() to the class Car.

Source Code

class Car {
  public $color = 'White';
  public $carModel = "AS202";
  public function greetMessage() 
    return "This car has various modern features";
Try it now

Here, the public is the access modifier.

Naming Convention Of Class Method

  • Start the function name with lower case letter.
  • If a function name has more than one word then capitalize the first letter of every word except the first word. For example carModelInfo(),carMilege(),etc.

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