By Diwakar 2021-07-26


Software Development Steps

There are three major steps of software or web development. These steps make it easier to learn a programming language. These steps have been divided into three steps based on the data flow.

The first step is a static section in which only the layout is designed. Here HTML has been used as a building block while CSS is used to make a layout using HTML building block. In the first steps, there is no data flow because the first step makes only a static block. This block is very useful to enter any data into the static field. So, finally, the first step contains scripting language HTML, CSS.

The second step involves data flow between static blocks. Users can transfer data within the static blocks. Javascript, jquery, ajax, JSON, or other js frameworks are used to interact with static blocks.

Steps first and steps second both are the part of front-end system. So front-end system consists of mainly two steps. Static block(First step) and the second steps are the major steps of the front-end system.

So to learn front-end development, every user has to learn static block and its layout i.e HTML, CSS and to make interaction within the block, use has to learn JS, Jquery, Ajax, Json, or another js framework.

This step is the final step of web development or software development, where the user has to learn server-side language and database. Server-side language is useful to save data coming from front-end to database and also responsible to retrieve data from database and show to front-end.

The overall server is responsible to send data from the front-end to the back-end and back-end to the front-end. Therefore server is the carrier of data that is either coming from the client section or the server section.

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